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The First Early Driving Test Cancellation Finding Service in the U.K Since 2008!

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92 Reviews
Was a little hesitant but tried my luck and couldn't thank this website enough, got my test waiting time done from 3 months to 2 weeks!! Defo recommend fast easy and safe
Efficient fast service
Excellent service and communication. Thank you

Short Notice Tests

We specialise in finding Earlier Short Notice Driving Test Cancellation dates for learners who need them. Find and book DVSA Cancellations with Short Notice Tests.Com. 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you have a faraway Driving test date and need a sooner date, we can find an earlier date for you 100%. We have been established for 10+ years now and we are the original short notice driving test cancellation checkers. Our 50+ short notice test finders offer a one to one service and will call/text you when we find an early driving test date for you. *PLEASE NOTE THE DVSA DO NOT PROVIDE THIS KIND OF ONE TO ONE TEST FINDING SERVICE!



Driving Test Cancellations

Are you looking for Earlier, Driving Test Cancellations? Do you keep getting blocked using the DVSA website? Are you fed up of searching on the DVSA website for an Early Driving Test Cancellation and have not got the time to look? Then why not let us find a Driving Test Cancellation for you? Cancellations are very scarce these days with more and more learners failing their driving tests. We can get you a Driving Test Cancellation within two weeks OR YOUR MONEY BACK! We have over 50 driving test cancellation finders that cannot be beaten when it comes to finding driving test cancellations for driving tests...



Change Driving Test

We charge £30 to find and change your driving test date in your chosen U.K practical driving test centre. You can book your driving test with the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) for £62 on . If you need to Change your driving test date than what the DVSA have provided you with you can check or change your driving test date with the DVSA by yourself. If you do not have the time to do this and need an alternative, use our early change driving test cancellations service for £30. We guarantee to get you an early driving test and we search every second of the day.



What Do We Charge For Our Early Driving Test Cancellations Service?

Did you know we charge £30 to find your Cancellation/Short Notice Test? We keep looking for your driving test until you and your driving instructor agree on a date and time. The charge is for one driving test date agreed. We ask for payment upfront as we always come up with early driving test dates. Be careful of some websites that ask for your payment after but get all your personal details first. We are a registered company called Ltd trading as Why not check us out on the governments
Companies House Website.


How Long Will It Take Us To Find Your Cancellation Driving Test Date?

To find an earlier Cancellation Driving Test Date it could take us anything from 1 to 7 days. Our driving test cancellation finder staff will physically sit there for you and make sure that your driving test cancellation application is complete within 1 to 7 days. * Generally 50% of our driving test cancellation customers get there early driving test cancellation in about 3 days. We have been around since 2008 and have a lot of expertise getting your Driving Test Cancellation. Our success rate of getting a cancellation driving test date is 99%.


Full Money Back Guarantee If We Don't Find Your Cancellation Test!

We offer a FULL MONEY BACK GURANTEE if we do not get an earlier driving test date for you. Just to let you know we rarely do any refunds as we always come up with early short notice driving test dates in 99% of driving test centres in the U.K. Just take a look up top and see our Reviews and see every customer has rated us 5 out of 5 every time. Please be careful of websites offering to take your money after and private details first.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office the governments department that set out the Data Protection Act of 1998.


We Are Not Affiliated With The DVSA

Did you know we are a private limited company called Ltd trading as We are not affiliated with the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). You can always call the DVSA and check if they have any short notice driving test dates for you. Or you could check on their website if you have the time to look Right Here. You can also book your driving test date with the DVSA for £62. There are websites out there that charge you much more. So be sure to only book through the official channel. If you have booked a date with the DVSA and is too far and have had no luck on their website, call us and we will do the searching for you. Just a reminder there is 50 learners looking for a driving test cancellation date at your test centre and we will beat them to get you your short notice driving test date.

Why Choose Us To Find Your Earlier Driving Test Date?

We can come up with Earlier Driving Test dates for 99% of the U.K's driving test centres.

We guarantee to find you an Earlier Driving Test Date or we offer you a full refund. We aim to get you an earlier driving test within two weeks. If you require a further earlier driving test date please let us know.

We run a fast track premium service with a turnaround of 1 to 7 days. Why not check out the 187 + 5 STAR REVIEWS that customers have left about our company. You can call us anytime and an update will be there for you instantly. Now that's service!


So if you have decided to make the right choice and get an early driving test date from us, have to hand your Provisional Driving Licence Number and Theory Certificate Number, if you don't have your Theory Certificate Number you can provide us with your Application Reference Number of the test that you have already booked with the DVSA. Click on the link below to fill in your details to complete checkout securely.




If you have had a driving test just recently and are wondering about the 10 day rule and when would be the next available dates that you could take a driving test would be. The DVSA have a set rule if you fail your driving test. You must wait 10 working days before sitting a re-test. The DVSA working days are Monday to Saturday. So for example if you failed on Monday 1st then the earliest driving test dates we can get would be from 15th to 19th. Remember not to count in the Sunday's. We aim to get you a driving test date with in two weeks of you failing your driving test, that's if you are looking for an ASAP driving test date. Did you know that we can even find a date further away if requested? Just let us know which week you are looking for.


You need to book a driving test with the DVSA. Then Register with us and let us know your requirements. Once we receive your details and payment one of our 50 + test searchers will start searching for your driving test cancellation instantly. Once we get your date one of our test booking Managers will text you and give you the chance to say yes or no to accepting the driving test date and time by text. Don't worry if you can't make a particular date we offer you, there will be more driving test dates. Once you accept a driving test cancellation, it's finalised for you and you can check on the DVSA website of any change made to your driving test booking. You will also receive an email with your new driving test appointment for confirmation.


We are the First and Biggest company in the U.K to provide this type of short notice driving test service. So being the first company in the U.K to offer this special service you know we know how to get driving tests sorted. We have heard or a lot of horror stories over the years of other websites not booking short notice test correctly, taking 1 month to find their driving test dates. They have even resorted to offering a free test find if you fail. If you read their T's and C's you will realise alot! Back to us Over 187+ learners rated us 5 out of 5 STARS. We have built our reputation with a lot of driving instructors in the U.K and the word is "Short notice tests always come up with the goods". We never let anyone down or offer any empty promises, we just get you your driving test cancellation!


* Results can vary from person to person depending on Driving test centre and date and time requirements for each individual.